The demand for professionals who can provide recreation services for communities, families and individuals continues to grow.

The 娱乐管理 minor prepares students for professional positions in sports, community recreation, and outdoor recreation. The courses will build skills in program development, marketing and organizational behavior. 

What types of jobs are there for those with a minor in 娱乐管理?

Students who minor in 娱乐管理 will have the knowledge and skills for entry-level program management roles at collegiate recreation programs, YMCA and YWCA programs, after-school programs, and outdoor recreation areas, such as Wild Basin Creative Research Center. 

What is the coursework required for a minor in 娱乐管理?

Students will complete 18 credit hours of the following courses:

  • Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sports for Special Populations
  • 体育营销
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport and 人体工学
  • 实习
  • Choose one from: Safety and First Aid, Social and Psychological Issues of 人体工学 and Sports, Coaching Theory and Practice, or Facility Design and Facility/Event 管理
  • Organizational Behavior/Leading Teams and Organizations 

For more information on the 娱乐管理 minor, please contact Associate Professor of 人体工学 kristyb [在] (克里斯蒂巴拉德).