livewellseu - 健康教育服务


In person wellness activities are currently suspended.  Check back in August 2020 to see how you can participate both virutally and in-person with our Peer Health Educators and Peer Wellness Coaches.



Through a number of initiatives, RecWell provides educational workshops, campaigns, and wellness coaching through our Peer Wellness Champions to support students in learning about healthier lifestyles and to make behavior change possible.  Through 对健康教育 and the 同行的健康冠军, we strive to help students and our community LiveWellSEU!



Peer Wellness Champions (PWC) is a free service available to students. 同行的健康冠军 are available for one-on-one meetings to help students set and achieve their wellness goals. PWCs can be a great option for students looking to optimize their personal health and wellness or make meaningful changes in their lives.

As part of the PWC program, coaches are here to help you:

  • 专注于自己的优势和价值
  • Work towards personal goals that are meaningful and custom to you
  • Identify resources that can help you get to where you want to go
  • 建立在积极的事情在你的生活
  • Take steps towards becoming the person you want to be
  • 在大学里取得成功 

Register to meet with a Peer Wellness Champion

Peer Wellness Champion sessions are FREE for students to utilize.  To register, complete the form below.  Our team will review your submission and match you with an appropriate PWC, or make a referral to another on-campus resource as necessary.




Our Peer Health Educators are students trained to deliver outreach, workshops, and general health information to help the SEU community LiveWellSEU.  We do this with 健康教育研讨会 and Health Education Series.


We host workshops and work to educate our community on healthy lifestyles. Additionally, we work collaboratively with campus partners to provide wellbeing resources, workshops, and experiences. Interested in hosting a Wellness and Outreach Workshop?




访问 our 对健康教育 outreach events to receive peer-to-peer education on various health topics, engage in interactive games and activities, and walk away with awesome prizes and resources! Students who visit are provided an inclusive, informative, safe and fun environment in which they become empowered to cultivate healthy lifestyles and promote healthy behaviors among the rest of St. Edward's student population.



    学习 about Marlaina Widmann and the idea behind 'Unwind Before the Grind', an event designed to help students de-stress before finals providing dogs, chair massages, yoga, art activities and healthy snacks.



    We know that being a college student can be stressful, and reaching out for help can be difficult for some. 学习关于 our Health & Counseling Center and how they can help you stay in good mental shape.