Dear Future 艺术s 和 Humanities Students:

Embrace the opportunities and challenges ... Hop on a plane in Texas, and be in Spain in seven hours. Skype your friends in Brazil. Share ideas with students in South Korea and South Africa via video-conferencing classrooms. Champion a global human rights movement on Facebook的. With every heartbeat, and tap of a keyboard, our world becomes more interconnected 和 accessible.

At St. Edward’s University, we prepare you to keep pace with this prolific change and embrace the opportunities and challenges it brings. In the School of 艺术s and Humanities, it begins by empowering you with knowledge built on proficiencies in writing, literature, language, philosophy, religious studies and the arts. These explorations fuel imaginations and cultivate abilities to think critically, research topics from diverse perspectives and articulate findings and insights through writing, speaking 和 creative endeavors.

All the while, you'll refine your ideas and voice. Students present and display their work at exhibits 和 symposia. They publish two award-winning campus journals, 美德索林橡木回顾. Students produce and perform classics and original scripts on stage. Students examine arguments and ethics in our Passion and Civility debates and interact with renowned novelists, poets and playwrights in our 访问ing Writers Series. Whatever your artistic or scholarly pursuit, you'll hone and share them through your projects 和 research.

The knowledge and skills acquired in the School of 艺术s and Humanities extend across academic disciplines and far beyond our Austin, Texas, campus. Our students, for example, immerse themselves in international languages, cultures and business through studies at our partner universities in France, Argentina, Japan and other countries. They explore photography in China and event management in Scotland. They participate in service projects in India, Uganda 和 Canada.

Amid opportunities like these — grounded in local and global realities — our students see the world and its people in new ways, with understanding and respect. Throughout your educational journey, you'll cultivate qualities such as self-awareness, intentionality, flexibility, empathy 和 intellectual curiosity.

Above all, you'll discover your passions, strengths and purpose, preparing you to thrive 和 make a difference in our rapidly changing world.


Sharon Diane Nell, PhD
Dean, School of 艺术s 和 Humanities

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