Ready to dream big? Then it’s time to take action. 

Here are our admission deadlines for the coming academic year, insider 提示 and what you’ll need to apply.

First Review Deadline 十一月1 Add your application to the top of our reading list. (Plus, we'll waive the $50 应用 fee.)
Early Application Deadline (分解)。 1                  We’ll waive the $50 fee if you apply by this date.
Priority Application Deadline 二月1    You’ll be considered for all applicable scholarships and the best financial aid package.
Final Application Deadline 6月1日 To confirm your place in the freshman class, be sure to apply by this date (but we encourage you to submit your 应用 well before).

Want to start in the spring semester? 应用 by Nov. 15 to start classes in January.

What You’ll Need, Plus Some Insider Tips


使用我们的 应用中, 常见的应用, 要么 applytexas.

$ 50个应用费

应用 by (分解)。 1, and we’ll waive this fee.

High-school Transcripts

If you’ve done dual credit work, college transcripts are optional.


请查看我们的 new test optional 政策.

The St. Edward’s SAT code is 6619, and the ACT code is 4156. Official scores should be submitted from the testing agency.

Note: You may also self-report your test scores on your admission application, and your admission counselor will use these scores while reviewing your file. (Please report accurate information. Reporting inaccurate test scores could jeopardize your 应用.) If you are admitted, you must request that your official scores be submitted to St. Edward's before enrolling.

U.S. citizens enrolled in a foreign high school their junior and senior year are exempt from this requirement.


Admission counselors can read up to 40 essays per day so think about how to make your essay as distinctive as you are. This is your opportunity to let our college admission officers get to know you.

Academic Recommendation

If there’s any part of your 应用 you want to get a jump on, this is it. You’ll be asking respected (and busy) teachers to write this letter for you. Your letter of recommendation can be emailed to seu.admit [在]

Copy of Permanent Resident Card



Does St. Edward’s require the SAT essay?
The SAT includes an optional essay portion, and St. Edward’s University does not require it for our applicants. However, if a student took the essay on the SAT and would like to provide a score, he or she is welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that a submitted essay score will not impact our admission decision or consideration for scholarships.

How does super scoring work?
St. Edward’s does superscore the SAT. We do not superscore the ACT.

What happens if I submit new test scores after already being accepted to St. Edward’s University?
If you retest your senior year of high school (either the SAT or ACT) after having already been admitted to St. Edward’s, and receive a higher score, you may submit that new score to the University for academic scholarship award re-evaluation. However, students and families should keep in mind that an increase in a scholarship award does not necessarily mean an increase in the total financial aid package. If you are reevaluated for academic scholarships, your entire financial aid package may also be adjusted.

What are the scholarship award policies for St. Edward’s?
获得详细信息 scholarships and award policies, including annual eligibility renewal requirements, maximum years of eligibility, maximum total combined amounts of aid and merit adjustments.



seu.admit [在]

Top 5 Tips for Your Application 文章

Top 5 Tips for Your Application 文章

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