Build your roadmap for success.

You choose your destination. We’ll help you create the path that takes you there and guide you along the way.

Throughout your time at St. Edward’s, you’ll work with a success coach to create a tailored plan for making the most of your college experience. Your coach will guide and support you as you pursue your goals. The classes, internships, research, service projects, campus life and study abroad you experience at St. Edward’s will create the foundation for your future endeavors — and a purposeful life.  

So before you make a college decision based on cost, we hope you'll check out the academic 奖学金 we offer new freshmen — up to $96,000 over four years. We’ll automatically consider you for them when you apply to St. Edward’s. No additional application required.


Percentage of first-year students who received merit 奖学金 and/or grants (With this free money, chances are you’ll pay much less than our full tuition.) Data based on 2019–2020 academic year


Average tuition paid by first-year students who received merit 奖学金 and/or grants (It's less than half our sticker price!) Data based on 2019–2020 academic year


Final Application Deadline: June 1

Application 期限和清单



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The Real Value of Higher Education

The Real Value of Higher Education

In a constantly changing world, a liberal arts education gives students the skills to take on unpredictability and an evolving job market.  Dean of Admission Tracy Manier’s take on how St. Edward’s prepares students for their futures.